NYC Bouldering Guide

Preface, Access and Natural History
History, Ethics, Ratings, Disclaimer and Acknowledgements
Rat Rock/North Face
Rat Rock/North Face 2
Rat Rock East Face
Rat Rock/East Face 2
Cat Rock
Cat Rock 2
Ramble Rock and Chess Rock
Worthless Boulder
Vista Rock
Vista Rock 2
Riverside Park
Fort Tryon Park
Inwood Park

 A Climber's Guide to Popular Manhattan Boulder Problems

By Nicolas Falacci

Komba claws his way up Scratching Post V3

Warning:  Climbing is a sport that involves the potential risk of serious injury or death.  Even climbing a few feet off the ground carries the potential for serious mishaps.

This guide is not intended to be an instructional guide or a substitute for proper climbing instruction.
Your use of this guide indicates your assumption of the risk that it may contain errors and is an acknowledgement of your own sole responsibility for your climbing safety.

 ©  Copyright Nicolas Falacci 2003